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We continue to grow in automotive, air conditioning, energy, construction and insurance sectors with our strong brands. As we grow our human resources are also expanding. We have become a big family now with our nearly 5000 personnel.


Dear employees and business partners,

As Beyçelik Holding, we consistently keep our activities to provide added value to the economy of our country. In 2018 Beyçelik Holding will continue its investments that it started last year while it will realize new investments in every sector in which it operates. We keep firmly growing in line with our strategic goals in the automotive sector where the foundations of our company are based. With our company operating in this sector Beyçelik Gestamp we continue to be the solution partner of world giants. It is our goal to provide an additional 1,000 jobs with significant investments in this area in the next three years.

 Our company in air conditioning sector, Warmhaus exports to more than 35 countries. We extend our customer network day by day. We have sales points close to 425 together with our main and sub-dealers. This year will be a year for Warmhaus to market new products. In line with our globalization goals, our initiatives abroad will continue.

The capacity development investments continue in our energy company Beyçelik Gestamp Renewables that aims to bring natural energy resources to our country economy in the most efficient way and by using the most modern technologies. We will reach 188 MW of installed power due to the capacity increase.

Our human resources, of course, are the basis of all these investments. We have always believed that we owe our success to our employees with whom we are working together. As we grew up, our human resources grew as well. Today we are a huge family with 5000 workers.

 We are trying to provide added value with our investments not only to the economy but also to the society. We have social responsibility projects that we have been pursuing and will pursue for many years in the areas of education, culture and women's employment in order to contribute to the society in which we live.

 We will uninterruptedly continue our efforts to become a reputable global company known with entrepreneurship and prestige in the sectors we focus on. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees, our business partners and our customers for their contributions and support.