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Celikform Gestamp

Emarc-Celik established which was established in 1998 has become Celikform Gestamp in 2015 after companys partneship structure has been changed. Celikform Gestamp produces high resistant metal sheets complying with all standards and conduct pipe and aluminum shaping in automotive sub-industry. Celikform Gestamp Autmotive S.A. operating on closed area of 8,500 sqm in Organized Industry Zone has TS-16949 and ISO 9001-2000 quality management and ISO 14001 environment management system certificates.

Celikform Gestamp having an extensive sub-industry park produces raw materials for semi finished goods, shredded and painted sheets production processes. The firm providing services for metal sheet forming in significantly broad range from the lowest resistant sheets to the highest resistant sheets, the main processes are roll forming, multi-exist stamping under tension, cold forming with press and assembly.

Celikform Gestamp Otomotiv S.A.
Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Kırmızı Caddesi No:1 Nilüfer Bursa, Turkey
  • T: +90 224 294 78 00
  • F: +90 224 242 88 96 - 98
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