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Faik Çelik
Holding Chairman

He was born in Polatlı, Ankara in 1953. He was graduated from PolatlıDevrimPrimary School. Moving to Bursa in 1966 with his family, Faik Çelik started his professional life in 1967.

Nedim Çelik
Holding Vice Chairman

He was born in Polatlı, Ankara in 1968. He started his professional life as an apprentice working in his brother Faik Çelik’s workshop. Working with Faik Çelik for more than 25 years in automotive industry, Nedim Çelik continues to act as the Vice Chairman.

Baran Çelik    
Holding Vice Chairman and CEO

He was born in Bursa in 1977. He completed his entire education life in Bursa. Graduated from Uludağ University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Department of Mechanical Engineering, Çelik, was rewarded with Senior Mechanical Engineer degree when he completed his master degree in Uludağ University Institute of Physical Sciences Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Acting as Vice Chairman and CEO of Beyçelik Holding, Baran Çelik is also vice president of the executive board of BOSEN and BOSB.  Çelik is a board member of Uludağ Automotive Exporters, a board member of Bursa Organized Industrial Zone and council member of BTSO.