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He was born in Ankara in 1953. He was graduated from Polatlı Devrim Primary School. Moving to Bursa in 1966, Faik Çelik started his professional life in 1967. Faik Çelik believed that molding, which was not commonly known in Turkey, would be popular in the near future and preferred to operate in this sector in 1974 and opened his first workshop in 1976. Çelik started his career in a 30 square-meter workshop and rapidly gained reputation and therefore, he began to make mould for Tofaş Sub-Industry and Tofaş Factory.

Founded Beyçelik Otomotiv A.Ş in 1993, Faik Çelik moved from a 30 square meter workshop to a large scale factory built on 3000 square meters only in 15 years. At that period, Beyçelik employed 200 workers; on the other hand, it became “the best service provider for sub-industry” for both Tofaş and Ford Factories.

Updated his product range with “Panel Radiators” in 1996, Faik Çelik started Çelikpan production in Beyçelik. Manufacturing panel radiators and towel warmers which are consistent with international norms in heat industry, Çelikpan became one of the top five companies of Turkey. Çelikpan has TSE and ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environment management systems.
Founded Emarc-Çelik in partnership with Italian Emarc Company in 1998, Faik Çelik made another break through in otomotive sub-industry.
Faik Çelik gathered Çelik Group Companies under Beyçelik Holding’s roof in 2006, extending his sector range.
Following his holding organization, he continued to grow and open new companies. Çelik Sigorta was founded in Bursa in 2007. In the same year, Beyçelik, which turned out to be one of the most recognized companies in sheet forming and mould production, became even stronger by entering into a partnership with Spanish Gestamp Company.

Still investing in new sectors, Faik Çelik made his first investment in renewable energy in 2009 and founded FC Enerji and GESBEY companies. Faik Çelik founded Faik Çelik Turizm in 2010.

Çelik considers social responsibilities highly important and reflects this in the following projects;
• Faik Çelik Vocational High School For Girls  (2006)
• Uludağ University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Department of Automotive  (2009)
• Nursing Home (2010)
• Rahime Çelik Sports and Conference Hall (2011)
• Faik Çelik Faculty of Divinity (Construction started in 2012)

Faik Çelik was rewarded with Great National Assembly of Turkey Outstanding Service Award in 2010 based on his investments in education. Çelik also has an honorary PhD from Uludağ University.

Started his career in a small scale workshop and extended his professional life to a large scale Holding, Faik Çelik summarizes his success only with three words;
"transparency", "honesty" and "discipline”…