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As its headquarters are located in Bursa, Beyçelik Holding provides global quality services to individuals and national and international companies operating in automotive, energy, heat, insurance and tourism industries. Beyçelik Holding employs approximately 3000 people in his companies located in various cities. Holding is a group of companies which are focused on adding value to all of its social shareholders through operating in a responsible and respectable way. Beyçelik Holding is an inseparable whole with its workers and its values. The main responsibility of the Group is to act according to its vision and mission, create value for all of its shareholders and become a well-recognized company. Key values of the company are honesty, transparency, quality and social contributions.



  • Being a well-recognized global company known with its entrepreneurship and reputation in its key industries.
  • Being an environment and user friendly company constantly growing and making profit by its activities and financial performance, insisting on quality both in its products and services and leading the competition.