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Faik Çelik Vocational High School for Girls

Founded in 2005 and opened in 2006 with a ceremony also attended by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Faik Çelik Vocational High School for Girls provides training for youngsters in Yıldırım region. Awarded with “White Flag” which is entitled to special schools spending effort in order to improve Health in School with the help of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, our school was rewarded with ISO 9001 System Quality Certificate in 2007. Vocational High School for Girls is raising a modern population which promises a hopeful future.

Web: http://www.faikcelikkml.k12.tr/
Rahime Çelik Sports and Conference Hall

2It was constructed as an additional building to Faik Çelik Vocational High School for Girls in 2011. Rahime Çelik Sports and Conference Hall, with a capacity of 250 persons, was built in a way which enables our students to perform their sport activities freely and conference hall was constructed together with an exhibition hall.
Web: http://www.faikcelikkml.k12.tr/
Uludağ University Department of Faik Çelik Automotive Engineering

It started its educational activities in 2011-2012 academic year. As well as classrooms equipped with the latest technology, there are recreational areas, a library, a laboratory, a conference room and a video conference hall. We believe that students who are graduated from this department will make significant contributions to automotive sector.
Web: http://otomuh.uludag.edu.tr/index.php?sayfa=anasayfa

Web: http://otomuh.uludag.edu.tr/index.php?sayfa=anasayfa
Faik Çelik Department of Divinity

Faik Çelik undertook all construction works of the Department of Divinity which was previously located in Fethiye campus of Uludağ University and then, demolished as it was found that it was not an earthquake resistant building. The building of which construction was started in 2012 is currently being built over a land of 10 000 square meters.

When the building is completed, we will be able to double the number of the students which is currently around 2500. The campus will have a special ambiance and architecture with its libraries, cafeteria and 4 lecture halls.
Hacı Bulduk Çelik Nursing Home

Beyçelik Holding undertook all construction works of a nursing home which was located in Kaplıkaya district, started 15 years ago but then, abandoned because of lack of financial resources and planned to provide accommodation for elderly people as soon as possible.

Beyçelik Holding also gives scholarship to 150 students every year. Holding, providing financial resources both for professional and amateur sports clubs, also contributes to training new sportsmen.