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Operating in wind turbine tower manufacture, GESBEY A.Ş was founded by Spanish Gestamp Wind Steel and Beyçelik Holding in 2010.
Constructed on 95.000 square meters in Gesbey Energy Hosting Organized Industrial Zone, the company started its serial production in August, 2011.
 Annually, our company exports at least 300 towers with capacities ranging between 750 KW and 3MGW and weights ranging between 50-210 tons to various countries which are located on Aegean, Marmara and Blacksea coasts such as Greece, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine.

As Gesbey Enerji, we aim to increase our market share and competitive power by manufacturing high quality towers which will fulfill all needs and expectations of energy customers in accordance with applicable quality management systems.

  • Address: Bandırma Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Buğdaylı Köyü Taştepe Mevkii 2. Cad. No:5 Gönen / BALIKESİR / Turkey
    Tel: +90 266 711 05 00
    Fax: +90 266 781 10 69
    E-Mail: aysegul.demirtas@gestampren.com