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Beycelik Holding operates in automotive sector with its two companies. Beyçelik Gestamp  and Çelikform Gestamp Otomotiv. Beyçelik Gestamp  is an international company that designs, develops and manufactures molds, equipment and components in the metal industry of the automotive supplier industry. It is founded in partnership with Gestamp Automocion, which is Spain based and ranked first in the international automotive metal sector. Çelikform Gestamp Otomotive produces all kinds of standard and high strength metal sheet, and forms pipe and aluminum.

Beyçelik Gestamp

An international company with its innovative face and investments: Beycelik Gestamp

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Çelikform Gestamp

Production of high resistant metal sheets complying with all standards and conduct pipe and aluminium shaping in automotive sub-industry: Celikform Gestamp

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